Gratitude on Thursday

I missed this yesterday.  I am finding that I am not as consitant as I thought I would be.  I guess this illustrates a character defect of mine… I am really good at starting stuff but not so great a finishing. 

On to the post.

This Thursday I am (was) grateful for:

1.  My family.  I would be lost without their love and support. 

2.  My friends.  I had a dear friend stop over yesterday and hung out for several hours.  We had a lovely conversation about higher powers and religion. 

Anna and I

Anna and I

3.  Honeycrisp Apples.  We have an orchard near by that has these amazing apple.  This was our second half bushal.  My daughter now asks for them by name or calls them “the good apples.”  LOL!  I love it!


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