Five for Friday

5 things I’m loving this week…

  1. My Lemon and Sugar Scrub-  I posted a recipe this week and have loved hearing all the responses about it.  Check it out here.
  2. Vaseline Rosy Lips- This stuff is seriously keeping my lips from drying up and falling off.  I think I should do a review about it.  Look for it in the near future.

    Vaseline Rosy Lips

    Vaseline Rosy Lips

  3. The Walking Dead–  I finally caught up on last weeks episode and I can’t wait for the mid-season finale on Sunday!  I think the Governor is such a great bad guy.  I love to hate him.
  4. Thanksgiving-  I had a wonderful day stuffing my face with them.  I wish there was more time in the day/week that we could spend more time together.  It just never seems like enough with everyone’s busy schedules.
  5. Cuddl Duds– These are my favorite base layer in the winter.  I would seriously walk around in them all the time if it was appropriate.  They are a nice thin layer that keep you AMAZINGLY warm without being itchy.  I had to break them out this week because it is finally getting cold enough that a sweatshirt just isn’t cutting under my scrubs at work.

What are your favorite things this week?

Don’t worry if I get a sponsored post you will know it…


One thought on “Five for Friday

  1. I am a lip stuff addict, so will have to look for the Vaseline goodness. Oh and cuddle duds are AMAZING! Texas doesn’t really get cold enough often enough for me to invest in some, but I will add them to my Christmas list. Love you!

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