Today is the day.  Just like any other day.  I have lots of stuff that I “should” do.  But what I really want to do is nothing.  I want to lay on the couch and watch cartoons with J.  I want to make yummy food and take naps.  I miss naps.  I make an effort to take naps with J on my days off.  Lately though I feel like I have been too busy to nap.  There seems to be not enough hours in the day any more.  I think I am getting too busy again.  Maybe it is the holiday season that makes everything feel rushed.

One of the things on my To Do list was to get a blog entry up.  So here it is.

Here are some images from my morning

This was the view out of my dining room window.  I think it looks gray and sad and spooky.  I also see a lot of mystery out there.  It was inspiring to me.  And also reminded me that I need to paint the roof of the shed.

The view from my dining room this morning

The view from my dining room

Here is a clip of a project that I am working on.  My mom, an avid crafter, taught me to crochet the other night.  I finally found a project that I wanted to make that looked simple enough that I could figure it out.  I am almost finished with mine and I have three to make for the ladies at work.  I will probably be sick of crocheting once I make all four of them but at least I will have the basics down.

Crochet project

Crochet project

And a this is a picture of my coffee this morning in my favorite mug that Matt and J got me for Mother’s Day this year.  Note that it is full and I had not gotten a chance to take a sip of it yet.



Now I’m off to accomplish the things that I’m intended to accomplish today.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!


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