Five for Friday

Five things that I am loving this week…
1. I found this Pin from Pinterest on Pinterest this week. So of course I had to have my mom teach me to crochet. I finished my first scarf on Tuesday and it was a WRECK! Thankfully mom could finish it. I am on to the second one now for a friend at work. Hopefully this one turns out better then mine. I’ll post pictures and maybe a DIY/Tutorial about how it’s made… not that I have any idea what I’m doing….
2. Pull Ups- Easy Up. I have finally had enough of changing diapers and I know for a fact that J can hold her stream so the jig is up. J is finally potty training. I am only using the the Easy Ups for when she is napping or sleeping at night.
3. Netflix. I love having cartoons and movies/TV shows on demand. I have two new (to me) movies to watch this weekend and I can’t wait. Not to mention that having cartoons on demand has been a lifesaver with J.
4. Hummus and Kalamata Olives I got a hankering for them earlier this week and I have been noshing away on them. Sometimes you just need some craving food.
5. Where the Wild Things Are. I brought this book home from mom and dad’s this week. J has insisted that we read it every night before bed. I love sharing pieces of my childhood with J. I loved this book when I was a kid. I wasn’t so wild about the movie, which agains proves to me that the movie is NEVER as good as the book.

What are you loving this week? Do tell! Any fun crafts that you are working on? Any books you love to read and share with your children?


4 thoughts on “Five for Friday

  1. I’m with you on the hummus craving. What’s up with that!? I’m making my Christmas cards. Every year I say, “Why am I doing this!?” And, every year it seems like a good idea. My favorite children’s books were the Winnie the Pooh stories. I loved when Dad read them. He had a voice for every character. Piglet and Eore were the funniest, and Christopher Robin sounded just like Dad! I loved hearing his voice rumble deep in his chest. Sorry my readings were never as entertaining!

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