Gratitude on Thursday

I can’t believe that I am actually getting this up on Thursday! (I totally didn’t get this up on Thursday…. Hell I am barely getting up today!!)

I was delaying working on a blog entry, so I was looking over my other entries and thought “ah HA!  I already know what I have to blog about today!”

So today I am grateful for…

1. Mornings with J.  I love being woken up to her climbing in to bed with me and wanting to snuggle.  I know that there will come a time when she will be “too cool” to snuggle with mommy so I am enjoying every minute of it.  I am loving the fact that me, J, Scout (the cat) and Gunner (the dog) are all snuggled up on the couch watching cartoons on this cool morning.  I makes my heart swell.
2. My health.  I see so many people struggling with their health and it reminds me that I was given this body and need to take care of it.  I am so grateful that I am generally a healthy person and work towards over all health.  I could “should” myself all day long about what more I could do to be “healthy” but then I have to remember that I am doing “ok” and sometimes that is enough.
3. I have no idea what to put for the third thing that I am grateful for…. So, I am just going to get this thing up and go on to my 5 for Friday post.


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