Gratitude on Thursday

It’s the Thursday before Christmas.  I woke up today and realized that I needed to get on the gift ball, so to speak.  So today’s gratitude is a little bit about that.

1.  My Mom.  I called her yesterday and told her I wanted to do some crazy crafts today and she was totally down for it.  I love that I can call her up and say “hey I wanna try this out.  Wanna try it with me?”  and she is always up for it.  Her free spirit has worn off on me and allowed me to be willing to give pretty much anything a try, at least once.  It also pushes me to create.  I love looking at stuff and thinking “I’m sure Mom and I could figure out how to make that…”

2.  My Dad.  I called him on Wednesday and asked if he would help me move cars around, which ment driving all the way to Williamsport (about 25 minutes away) and all he asked was what time he needed to be where.  When I attempted to thank him all he said was “That’s what family does.”  I couldn’t have gotten luckier in the parent department.

3.  Crafts.  I know this sounds weird after I have just talked about my family but seriously I am grateful that I am a crafty person.  I have many people tell me “wow you made that?!”  and it is always a shock to me.  It blows my mind that people aren’t drawn to create beautiful and cool things by themselves.  I am also grateful that I can make these things and people appreciate them for the special things that they are.

**Bonus Round**  I am grateful that I actually got this blog up on THURSDAY!!  Two gold stars for me!!!


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