Gratitude on Thursday- Friday Style

This week I am grateful for…

1.  Crocheting.  Now that I have learned I can’t stop.  It is easy for me to get lost in a project and it keeps my hands busy.  I feel productive when I am crocheting.

2.  My Hubby.  He has been amazingly supportive and loving recently.  I am truly blessed in the Husband department. 

3.  Baked potato soup.  I made my mother in-law’s recipe last night and it was a huge hit.  It is like comfort in a bowl.  Matt even complemented me on getting the texture just right.  He said that leftovers today were just as good!  Gold star for Sarah! 

Would you guys be interested in a tutorial/the recipe for the baked potato soup?  Let me know!


Crochet Projects- January 2014

I feel like I wasn’t as productive this month as I was in December.  Perhaps it was the unbearable sickness that I have been dealing with for the past two weeks.  You can read about that here

This month I completed…

Camo Hat for Nick

Nick's Hat

Nick’s Hat

While I was in Kentucky crocheting my heart out my brother in-law, Nick, decided that he needed a hat like Cameron’s.  I started working on this and couldn’t get in to it.  So I started working on Emily’s ear-warmer.  Once I got back in the swing of things I was able to finish this one quickly. 

Camo ear-warmer for Emily


I had the idea for this one when I was working on Nick’s hat.  It just seemed like a good idea.  I can’t tell you how many times I took it out though.  It was getting all wonky.  Yes.  That is a technical term.  LOL!  I like the final product and I hope Emily does too!

Baby hat for Carson


I had a little camo yarn leftover and I just couldn’t resist.  I know it isn’t a traditional baby hat, but I’m not gonna lie I hope that they get a family picture in them! 

Ear-warmer for Amy


During all the drama with the pipes (you can read about that here) Amy sent me this pin on Pinterest.  No message just the pin.  I took the hint and asked her is she was dropping a hint.  She just shrugged.  LOL!  No shame!  I whipped this bad boy up in an afternoon.  I don’t even think it took me an hour.  I had Amy pick out the buttons and the next day I was at work I finished it off.  I love it! 

Hat with HUGE flower for Jeana


When I was making J’s green hat Jeana kept talking about how much she wanted one.  I kept her at bay for a while but finally broke down and just made her one.  It wouldn’t be complete without a GIANT flower.  Jeana loves it.  I think it’s a little over the top, but who am I to say. 

Ear-warmer for Lori

While I was crocheting away at work, Lori was admiring my handy work.  She was too shy to ask me to make something for her, so Jeana did.  LOL!  That girl cracks me up.  I made this ear-warmer during one night shift.  I am still waiting for Lori to bring me buttons so I can finish it… but I am considering it done until further notice. 

Skull hat for Russell


So I found a pattern on the internet and figured I’d try it out.  I am not in love with this hat but it was made with love and I guess that’s all that matters.  It is HUGE!  I may have to rework this one to make it actually work to my taste.  I hope Russ can wear it at least once during the Polar Vortex.  LOL!

Hunger Games Cowl for me


I found this pattern on Ravelry and decided that I needed to have it.  I picked the yarn out last month with the huge haul from Jo-Ann’s.  I started working on it just before I got sick while I was at training.  I apparently have such a large stitch that I had to take it out and cut the pattern basically in half!  Work stopped on it while I was sick.  You know you are sick when you don’t even feel like crocheting…

Cranberry Fingerless Glove


This was my first attempt at the crocodile stitch.  I love it.  I found this pin on Pinterest and wanted to make them for J.  I then went on Ravelry and found a pattern that I could use to try out the crocodile stitch.  While I was making it all I could think was I should take these out so I can make a pair for Gigi (my Grandmother, whose birthday is at the end of February).  I kept going thinking I would make a cranberry pair for someone else. 

Teal Fingerless Glove


This is the same pattern as above.  I knocked this bad boy out in about 2 days.  I love it.  But now that I have made two of the same gloves I don’t feel like making the matching pair.  I should have made the first glove in the teal to start with.  Lesson learned.  I wonder if I could get away with giving Gigi a miss matched pair….?

Striped hat for baby Carson


Just when I thought I was finished for the month I banged out a little hat for baby Carson.  Emily had asked me to make a blue and white stripped hat with a pompom for him.  I had put it off for a while but finally just needed to complete something quick one night.  I used this pattern from Repeat Crafter Me changing the colors from red and white to blue and white.  I found a video on YouTube to show me how to make a pompom.  I can’t find the video now, of course… But if you google it I’m sure you’d be able to find something.    

Once I told Emily that I had completed the blue and white hat she asked if I could make a grey hat for Carson.  Apparently a lot of his outfits are grey as well.  LOL!  I have started it… I’m not sure I’ll finish it tonight, but I’m gonna give it a go while I’m watching Season 1 of Downton Abbey

I am quickly falling in love with this show.  Anyone else following it?  I hear they have season 4 on TV right now.  I can’t wait to get caught up.  I love binge watching TV series!  It’s awesome not having to watch commercials and wait for a week for the next episode. 

So what projects have you completed this month?  What TV shows are you watching?  Happy Crafting!

Five For Friday- Flu Style

So I thought I would list my top 5 flu/sick products that I love. 

1.  Advil Cold and Sinus- I love this stuff when I have a sinus cold.  It is pretty much the only thing that works for me.  I think that the Ibuprofen works so much better than Tylenol for inflammation and the Sudafed pretty much  dries everything up. 

2.  Mint Tea- when I am really sick this is my go to drink.  It is a natural vasodilator which makes you feel warm when you have the chills.  I love this stuff with a little bit of Splenda to sweeten it up. 

3.  Sudafed-  If I can’t take Ibuprofen, for whatever reason, this works just as good to dry all that junk up. 

4.  Vitamin C Halls Cough Drops- I love these when I have a sore throat.  I feel like I am also doing something good for myself by getting an extra boost of Vitamin C with each cough drop. 

5.  Blankets-  I believe in sweating a fever out.  I remember once when I was younger, I couldn’t get warm when I had a cold.  My dad had a fire going in the fire-place and I was snuggled under a fleece blanket.  I feel asleep and I remember the wonderful feeling of my fever breaking and feeling better.  So much so that it woke me up.  It was amazing.  I look forward to that feeling when I am getting sick, knowing that the end of the cold is near. 

What are your go to flu/cold products?  I’d love some suggestions in the hopes that I can get rid of this awful cold.  Stay well my friends and have a happy weekend!

Gratitude on Thursday

This week I am grateful for…

1.  My family.  I am so grateful that we live close by them.  Monday when I needed to go to the hospital and Matt was working I called my mom.  Mom and Dad came up to the house.  Dad took J to their house and mom took me to the ER.  I am so grateful that I didn’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out who to call or have to call Matt home from work to take care of me.  I am so grateful that I come from a family, where family is first.  Thanks mom and dad!

2.  Phenergan.  This stuff does wonders for my upset tummy.  It also knocks me out for about 8 hours.  After puking for 2 days this stuff was a God send this week.  Hopefully I am over the worst of it and won’t be needing it anymore any time soon. 

3.  Friends.  I have a ton of them.  I only ever realize it in a crisis.  I had so many people checking on me and making sure I was ok and if I needed anything.  It was amazing to feel so connected to people.  You all are much better friends then I am, so thank you.

Wet Cotton Balls

I’m sorry.  I hate starting posts like that but I don’t know what else to say.  I have been sick.  Like really sick.  Like puke your brains out sick.

I generally have a very strong immune system.  I chalk it up to working in health care and being exposed to germs on a daily basis.  That being said there are different germs everywhere.  Every time I start a new job I get a wicked cold, but after that I am good for as long as I work there.  It happened when I was volunteering in Virginia.  It happened when I started working in the ER, moved to Delaware, California, Pennsylvania, etc.  I think it is just my immune system getting used to the different bugs.  I believe in letting your immune system work.  I think it is important to have it exposed every once in a while to new germs.  I think it makes me stronger.  That being said, I believe in the flu shot too.  I think it is important to protect ourselves if it is available.  I don’t believe in getting sick just to get sick.  Plus, if I can protect my daughter from getting sick, I am going to do it.  Nothing is worse than seeing your little one suffer. 

Last week I was in training for work.  I started to feel sick on Thursday while I was eating breakfast, but I chalked it up to funky granola.  I didn’t eat much Thursday or Friday. 

Saturday I started with the vomiting but was able to make it in to work.  I only had to do 8 hours so I thought I could power through it.  I had chills and couldn’t warm up.  At one point I was so cold I had 5 blankets on me and my feet were still freezing.  I had body aches and a headache and general fatigue.  Matt had the nerve at one point to ask if I thought it was all in my head.  Serves him right he came down with it on Saturday night but was feeling better by Sunday night.  Jerk. 

Sunday I just couldn’t manage.  I had to call in.  I had to use some of my precious sick time when I was actually sick.  It was coming out of both ends and I couldn’t imagine functioning at work like that.  Not to mention I’m pretty sure my co-workers would not want to be around me. 

I spent 6 hours on Monday in the hospital getting fluids and anti-nausea medication.  I vomited 3 times while I was waiting in the waiting room.  It took them 3 hours to get me back to be seen and I’m sure it’s going to cost an arm and a leg.  I think you should get a discount for every hour you are waiting to be seen.  Take $100 off for every hour you are waiting. 

Tuesday I was feeling better and then blam-o.  Hello head cold.  I laid down to take a nap with J and woke up at one point with my tongue so dry it literally felt like a leather patch in my mouth.  YUCK!  Last night I was having hot flashes, which never happens.  I was so hot at one point I had all the blankets off me.  Then I woke up at another point and was chilled.  It was amazing to snuggle up under the blankets only to wake up sweating what felt like moments later. 

I honestly was worried about coming in to work today.  My head feels like it is full of wet cotton balls.  It’s horrible.  My nose is running like a faucet.  I feel like a little kid because I have to keep wiping my nose.  Dad had to come get J today so I could lay down and take nap before work.  I felt better after the nap and puking up breakfast.  Fun.  I am still chilled and would probably sell an arm for a heated blanket at this point.  My co-worker said I looked like a cat that was just given a bath.  I’m not sure how I feel about that… but I take it that it means I look bad.  LOL! 

This is how I feel and apparently look.

This is how I feel and apparently look.

Hopefully this all goes away soon and I can get back to my regularly scheduled life. 

Anyone else sick?!  I hear this is going around so it makes me feel better that I am not the only one sick.  If you’re sick, I hope you feel better.  If you aren’t sick, I hope you don’t get this.  It is honestly the sickest I have been in a LONG time.

And the plot thickens…

Two weeks ago I wrote about our adventures over the holiday season.  Well the Sunday after we got back from Kentucky, Matt called me at work just before I left for the day.  He seemed panicked.  He told me that some guy woke them up from their nap banging on the front door.  The man said that there was a broken pipe spraying water on the street and it seemed to be coming from our house!  Matt ran to the basement to get our stuff up from the floor and see how much water was coming in.  The man said that he had already called the water company to shut it off.  When the water company arrived they informed Matt that it was on our side and we needed to get it fixed.  Apparently if the water shuts off, it is on the homeowner’s side and if it doesn’t stop when they shut it off it is on their side.  GREAT.  Another headache for us.  I called mom and dad as soon as I got off work and they rushed up to the house.  We didn’t have water and didn’t know how long that would be for.  We packed up our stuff and turned down the heat and headed to mom and dad’s for an impromptu sleepover.

On Monday morning I called our homeowner’s insurance and found out that the repairs would be covered!  But we had a $500 deductible.  Go figure.  I then started calling around to find a plumber that could fix it.  Apparently it is a bigger job then most plumbers handle.  They needed an excavator…  That is never a good thing.

While I had calls out I returned the rental car and go the Pacifica out of the shop.  I was so happy to have my car back.  Is it bad that I am resentful towards it though and want to sell it?

Several plumbers called back.  Several said that it was too big of a job for them.  Several said that they couldn’t get to it for a couple or more days.  Finally we were able to get Keiser’s Plumbing and Heating from Lewisburg to come out and give us a good quote and they said that they would be able to start on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning came and right at 0900 they started work.  I had to work that evening so I started getting ready for work about noon.  They were more than 75% done at that point.  They had replaced the main water line, repositioned the meter in the house, and were working on getting things wrapped up when my dad arrived at 1:30 (J had fallen asleep on the couch).  I then found that the pipe in the kitchen had frozen and there was no water there.  The plumber spent an additional 30 minutes working on getting that water going.  I wasn’t there but my dad was very pleased with them.  Apparently we need the pipes under the house to be insulated.  This polar vortex has wrecked havoc on our house.

Home ownership is a joy, isn’t it?!  I’m not going to lie… my first thought on Sunday was “damn it, I wish we could call a landlord and have them be responsible for fixing it.”

Did the polar vortex mess with anyone else?  Anyone else have to replace a water line or have frozen pipes?  Bring on the 70 degree weather!  I am so over this weather!

Crochet Projects- December 2013

In December Mom taught me how to crochet.  I found this project on Pinterest and immediately knew I wanted one and I didn’t want to wait around begging mom to make it for me.  I knew enough about crocheting that I could tell it would be relatively simple and I could probably figure it out.  I showed it to mom and she said I was right on.  The next day after a trip to Walmart mom and I sat down for a lesson.  It wasn’t like the last time she tried to show me, I actually wanted to learn this time.  And to my surprise it was EASY!  I was off to the races!

This month I have completed these projects:

Single Strand Mustard Yellow Infinity Scarf for J- This was the first thing I made.  I was going to use it for myself but it ended up being to small for me so I finished it off and gave it to J.  She looks so trendy when she wears it and it is just the right size for her.  I’m so glad that the yarn didn’t go to waste.

Single Strand Infinity Scarf

Single Strand Infinity Scarf

3 Braided Infinity Scarves for the girls at work- burgundy for Heather, teal for Amy and sage green for Jeana.  After seeing what I was working on mine they all chimed in for Christmas present requests.  I got to pick the colors and each of them has loved theirs.  I didn’t get pictures of them before I gave them, because frankly I didn’t think about it.  LOL!

Green and White Hat with White Flower for J- I had finished Jeana’s scarf at work and was itching to start something else.  Mom had shown me how to make a Magic Circle (because I had already started a hat for Matt) so I just went to town.  I used the sizing guide from Repeat Crafter Me to guess how big it needed to be to fit J’s head and just winged it.  I love it and after Jeana saw it at work she had put in a request for one of her own.  I think that J looks like a little flapper when she wears it.  Too cute!

Green and White Hat

Green and White Hat

Kentucky Blue and White Hat for Matt-  When I was working on the girls scarves Matt asked me when I was going to make him something.  There was a hint of jealousy in his voice.  I honestly had never considered it.  I figured he wouldn’t want anything because it was home-made.  I was a little shocked and very honored that he would be willing to make something I made.  I found this hat on Pinterest (see why I love that site?!) and told him I would make him a surprise.  While we were at Walmart I picked up the blue yarn because I already had white at home.  I confirmed that it was actually Kentucky Blue as opposed to Duke Blue or Navy Blue (these things matter apparently when you are from Kentucky) with Matt and then set to work.  I took this one out three or four times before I was happy with it but I finished it up while we were in Kentucky for Christmas and Matt was thrilled with it.  I love seeing him wear it.  It makes me very proud.


Go Big Blue!

Mustard Yellow Ear Warmer With Flower for Lisa- I was down in Kentucky and Lisa saw me crocheting away she put in a request for an ear warmer.  I had never made one before but figured I could figure it out.  I found this pattern on Pinterest and set off to figure it out.  I couldn’t get a hold of mom to translate it for me so I went with stitches that I knew would work (half doubles).  Lisa and I went back and forth several times about how wide it should be and we finally settled on 12 across.  I need to start having people take selfies with the projects that I make for them.

Lisa's Ear Warmer

Lisa’s Ear Warmer

Camo Green and Orange Hat for Cameron- While I was on a hat kick I thought it would be so cute to make Cam a little camo hat with blaze orange.  Cam has just started hunting with his dad, Nick, and is so proud whenever he wears Camo.  It is just too cute.  Cam was not at all interested in me sizing the hat on his head but is apparently thrilled now that it is completed.  Hopefully he can use it with his Dad the next time they go hunting.  Once Nick saw Cam’s hat he immediately put in a request for a larger version for himself.  Hopefully I have enough camo yarn left over for his hat.

Happy Camper!

Happy Camper!

Mustard Yellow 4 Strand Infinity Scarf for ME-  This was the second project I worked on.  I didn’t realize the importance of counting when it comes to crochet and eyeballed it the first time.  One strand was literally 6 feet long.  What was I thinking?!  Well when mom and I were sitting down trying to figure out how we could save it without taking it all out we did a four strand braid.  It looked amazing.  So I took it all apart and waited until I had time to start working on it which turned out to be during the tail end of our Kentucky trip.  I finished it sitting in the hotel room in Huntington, WV.

Sarah's 4 Strand Infinity Scarf

Sarah’s 4 Strand Infinity Scarf

Not that I have any real idea about what I am doing, but would y’all be interested in tutorials/patterns for any of these?  Let me know.  I’d be at least willing to give it a try.  What crafty things have you been in to lately?  Make anything for the holidays?  Have a great one!