Five For Friday- First Friday of The Year

This week I am loving:

1.  Enterprise Rentals- we got a rental car in Huntington, WV last weekend and the service was amazing.  You can read about our adventures here.  Then when we got home and had to pick up our second rental on Monday, again, the service was amazing.  Today when I called to let them know that the small crack in the windshield had grown with the bad weather, they said that they were going to be bringing a new car to the office today!  How amazing is that?!  Two thumbs up for them!

2.  Lotion Bars-  Mom and I made these before the holiday.  I gave some as gifts and we kept some to use.  They small amazing!  Like Earl Grey tea, which happens to be one of my favorites.  They are so moisturizing that when I go to put my jammies on at night my legs are STILL soft!  Would y’all be interested in a How-to on those?

3.  Repeat Crafter Me– I found this blog when I was on Pinterest.  I was looking a crochet patters and fell in love with these granny squares.  I have refered back to this blog several times for her hat sizing recommendations.  They always seem to be spot on.  I am excited about trying out some of her crock pot creations too.  Kudos from one crochet/crock pot loving crafter to another! 

4.  Crochet- I have made 4 scarves, 3 hates and 2 headbands since I started a couple of weeks ago.  I have big plans for all the things I want to make.  Here’s hoping I don’t get sick of it before then.  Would y’all want a post about the things I’ve completed? 

5.  Pinterest- Nothing gets my crafting mind going like it.  Just last night I was snooping through a friends boards and I found a pair of earrings that she wanted for her wedding that I could totally make.  I let her know and it looks like I’m going to be making them.  Pinterest can be a time killer for me too though.  I get stuck looking at all the cool stuff on there.  This morning I found an idea for a sign that I want to make for J’s room and since I am at work and don’t have access (boo) I had to print the picture out, which will probably get lost (double boo). 

So there you have it.  All the things that I am digging this week.  What are y’all in to?  Leave a comment and let me know.  Have a great weekend!


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