Crochet Projects- December 2013

In December Mom taught me how to crochet.  I found this project on Pinterest and immediately knew I wanted one and I didn’t want to wait around begging mom to make it for me.  I knew enough about crocheting that I could tell it would be relatively simple and I could probably figure it out.  I showed it to mom and she said I was right on.  The next day after a trip to Walmart mom and I sat down for a lesson.  It wasn’t like the last time she tried to show me, I actually wanted to learn this time.  And to my surprise it was EASY!  I was off to the races!

This month I have completed these projects:

Single Strand Mustard Yellow Infinity Scarf for J- This was the first thing I made.  I was going to use it for myself but it ended up being to small for me so I finished it off and gave it to J.  She looks so trendy when she wears it and it is just the right size for her.  I’m so glad that the yarn didn’t go to waste.

Single Strand Infinity Scarf

Single Strand Infinity Scarf

3 Braided Infinity Scarves for the girls at work- burgundy for Heather, teal for Amy and sage green for Jeana.  After seeing what I was working on mine they all chimed in for Christmas present requests.  I got to pick the colors and each of them has loved theirs.  I didn’t get pictures of them before I gave them, because frankly I didn’t think about it.  LOL!

Green and White Hat with White Flower for J- I had finished Jeana’s scarf at work and was itching to start something else.  Mom had shown me how to make a Magic Circle (because I had already started a hat for Matt) so I just went to town.  I used the sizing guide from Repeat Crafter Me to guess how big it needed to be to fit J’s head and just winged it.  I love it and after Jeana saw it at work she had put in a request for one of her own.  I think that J looks like a little flapper when she wears it.  Too cute!

Green and White Hat

Green and White Hat

Kentucky Blue and White Hat for Matt-  When I was working on the girls scarves Matt asked me when I was going to make him something.  There was a hint of jealousy in his voice.  I honestly had never considered it.  I figured he wouldn’t want anything because it was home-made.  I was a little shocked and very honored that he would be willing to make something I made.  I found this hat on Pinterest (see why I love that site?!) and told him I would make him a surprise.  While we were at Walmart I picked up the blue yarn because I already had white at home.  I confirmed that it was actually Kentucky Blue as opposed to Duke Blue or Navy Blue (these things matter apparently when you are from Kentucky) with Matt and then set to work.  I took this one out three or four times before I was happy with it but I finished it up while we were in Kentucky for Christmas and Matt was thrilled with it.  I love seeing him wear it.  It makes me very proud.


Go Big Blue!

Mustard Yellow Ear Warmer With Flower for Lisa- I was down in Kentucky and Lisa saw me crocheting away she put in a request for an ear warmer.  I had never made one before but figured I could figure it out.  I found this pattern on Pinterest and set off to figure it out.  I couldn’t get a hold of mom to translate it for me so I went with stitches that I knew would work (half doubles).  Lisa and I went back and forth several times about how wide it should be and we finally settled on 12 across.  I need to start having people take selfies with the projects that I make for them.

Lisa's Ear Warmer

Lisa’s Ear Warmer

Camo Green and Orange Hat for Cameron- While I was on a hat kick I thought it would be so cute to make Cam a little camo hat with blaze orange.  Cam has just started hunting with his dad, Nick, and is so proud whenever he wears Camo.  It is just too cute.  Cam was not at all interested in me sizing the hat on his head but is apparently thrilled now that it is completed.  Hopefully he can use it with his Dad the next time they go hunting.  Once Nick saw Cam’s hat he immediately put in a request for a larger version for himself.  Hopefully I have enough camo yarn left over for his hat.

Happy Camper!

Happy Camper!

Mustard Yellow 4 Strand Infinity Scarf for ME-  This was the second project I worked on.  I didn’t realize the importance of counting when it comes to crochet and eyeballed it the first time.  One strand was literally 6 feet long.  What was I thinking?!  Well when mom and I were sitting down trying to figure out how we could save it without taking it all out we did a four strand braid.  It looked amazing.  So I took it all apart and waited until I had time to start working on it which turned out to be during the tail end of our Kentucky trip.  I finished it sitting in the hotel room in Huntington, WV.

Sarah's 4 Strand Infinity Scarf

Sarah’s 4 Strand Infinity Scarf

Not that I have any real idea about what I am doing, but would y’all be interested in tutorials/patterns for any of these?  Let me know.  I’d be at least willing to give it a try.  What crafty things have you been in to lately?  Make anything for the holidays?  Have a great one!


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