And the plot thickens…

Two weeks ago I wrote about our adventures over the holiday season.  Well the Sunday after we got back from Kentucky, Matt called me at work just before I left for the day.  He seemed panicked.  He told me that some guy woke them up from their nap banging on the front door.  The man said that there was a broken pipe spraying water on the street and it seemed to be coming from our house!  Matt ran to the basement to get our stuff up from the floor and see how much water was coming in.  The man said that he had already called the water company to shut it off.  When the water company arrived they informed Matt that it was on our side and we needed to get it fixed.  Apparently if the water shuts off, it is on the homeowner’s side and if it doesn’t stop when they shut it off it is on their side.  GREAT.  Another headache for us.  I called mom and dad as soon as I got off work and they rushed up to the house.  We didn’t have water and didn’t know how long that would be for.  We packed up our stuff and turned down the heat and headed to mom and dad’s for an impromptu sleepover.

On Monday morning I called our homeowner’s insurance and found out that the repairs would be covered!  But we had a $500 deductible.  Go figure.  I then started calling around to find a plumber that could fix it.  Apparently it is a bigger job then most plumbers handle.  They needed an excavator…  That is never a good thing.

While I had calls out I returned the rental car and go the Pacifica out of the shop.  I was so happy to have my car back.  Is it bad that I am resentful towards it though and want to sell it?

Several plumbers called back.  Several said that it was too big of a job for them.  Several said that they couldn’t get to it for a couple or more days.  Finally we were able to get Keiser’s Plumbing and Heating from Lewisburg to come out and give us a good quote and they said that they would be able to start on Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning came and right at 0900 they started work.  I had to work that evening so I started getting ready for work about noon.  They were more than 75% done at that point.  They had replaced the main water line, repositioned the meter in the house, and were working on getting things wrapped up when my dad arrived at 1:30 (J had fallen asleep on the couch).  I then found that the pipe in the kitchen had frozen and there was no water there.  The plumber spent an additional 30 minutes working on getting that water going.  I wasn’t there but my dad was very pleased with them.  Apparently we need the pipes under the house to be insulated.  This polar vortex has wrecked havoc on our house.

Home ownership is a joy, isn’t it?!  I’m not going to lie… my first thought on Sunday was “damn it, I wish we could call a landlord and have them be responsible for fixing it.”

Did the polar vortex mess with anyone else?  Anyone else have to replace a water line or have frozen pipes?  Bring on the 70 degree weather!  I am so over this weather!


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