Gratitude on Thursday

This week I am grateful for…

1.  My family.  I am so grateful that we live close by them.  Monday when I needed to go to the hospital and Matt was working I called my mom.  Mom and Dad came up to the house.  Dad took J to their house and mom took me to the ER.  I am so grateful that I didn’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out who to call or have to call Matt home from work to take care of me.  I am so grateful that I come from a family, where family is first.  Thanks mom and dad!

2.  Phenergan.  This stuff does wonders for my upset tummy.  It also knocks me out for about 8 hours.  After puking for 2 days this stuff was a God send this week.  Hopefully I am over the worst of it and won’t be needing it anymore any time soon. 

3.  Friends.  I have a ton of them.  I only ever realize it in a crisis.  I had so many people checking on me and making sure I was ok and if I needed anything.  It was amazing to feel so connected to people.  You all are much better friends then I am, so thank you.


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