And then a little plus sign showed up….

In the middle of all the drama with the pipes at our house I decided to take a pregnancy test.  I was about 5 days late and with all the insanity I hadn’t started my period.  I figured more than likely it was related to the stress but we had been trying to get pregnant.  So I needed to know.

And a little plus sign showed up!  I was shocked.

I had all these cute ways I was planning on telling Matt this time.  When I found out I was pregnant with J, I cursed and almost fell off the toilet.  Then went out to the living room to Matt saying “My boys can swim!”  LOL!  Such a goof-ball!  This time I wanted it to be special.  I wanted it to be memorable.  I had seen so many cute things on Pinterest that I was dying to try.  And then life happens.

I walked in to the bedroom where Matt was on the phone with a possible contractor to fix the pipes.  I was waiting till he was finished on the phone before I was going to tell him but he turned and saw me standing there with the test in my hand.  He nodded his head and mouthed “And?” I shook my head yes and he said “Holy shit you’re pregnant.”  I’m sure that was quite a shock for the contractor on the phone.  LOL!

I walked downstairs to talk to my mom who was cleaning.

She said “And?”

 “I told you.”
“that’s a good thing right?!”

“Of course!  I knew I was.”

I got a big hug and  grin from her.

I then walked outside to tell my dad who was taking down Christmas lights.

I said Dad “you want a surprise?”
“The insurance company isn’t going to over the cost of the repairs?!”

“No dad, I’m pregnant.”

“Oh Jesus Christ!!!”  He turned and ran off the porch.

I just stood there dumbfounded.  He then came back and said congratulations.  It was a little unnerving though.  Dad is really excited he just doesn’t handle surprises well.

When I went back upstairs J stopped me and said “You have a baby in your tummy mommy?”  I told her a I and that she was going to have a baby brother or sister.  I asked if she wanted to touch my tummy and she said yes and then patted my tummy.  It was precious.  J is going to make a great big sister!

I then of course had to make all the notifications to the family members.  I asked all of them if they were sitting down before I told them.  All of them are excited.  I am so grateful for my family.  They are so supportive of us it is just amazing!

After the appropriate family members were notified, I had to tell my best friends.  I have several.  I am lucky like that.  Each one of them said that they screamed when I sent them the picture of the test.  Nickie was at work (at a bank) so I can just imagine how that went with the customers.  LOL!   Several said they were grinning like Cheshire cats.  This baby is so loved already.  We are so lucky.  I am so grateful.

By my calculations I was about 5 weeks when we found out and Baby Dees is due in September.  We are super excited and can’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy!  This has been a blessing with so much other stress going on in our lives.