I’m a work in progress

So I was looking over all the post that I have written on this blog and I realized how much I enjoyed them.  I apparently turned this in to a chore instead of a labor of love.  I do this with most things.  Anyone else have this problem? 

So today I will try again.  First blog post since March.  What?!  How is that possible?  I swear I haven’t been that busy or at least I didn’t think I had been that busy. 

Does anyone else have to keep trying again? 

So updates about life and me since March. 

We found out in mid-April that we are having a BOY!  He is measuring 2oz bigger than average and about 2 days ahead of schedule.  Oh goody!  LOL!  We still don’t have a name.  Nothing fits.  It isn’t like when I was pregnant with my daughter and just knewthat her name was Jacquelyn.  I am trying not to stress out about it.  I know he will have a name by the time he is born.  Maybe we will let him pick his own name after he is born, like Picabo Street.  Just kidding! 

Craft-wise I really haven’t done a whole lot.  I have been pinning like crazy on Pinterest. That counts as being crafty, right?!

I am having a hard time crocheting and I don’t know why.  Not physically, I’m just not interested in it.  I have plenty of projects started just no motivation to work on them.  As we speak I have all my supplies in my locker and could be working on a granny square afghan for my mom.  Instead I am working on this blog and doing research for my spray tanning company.  I think it is because I was sooo sick over the winter with what I now know was morning sickness and a horrible stomach flu that I equate crocheting with nausea. Opps. I guess I’ll have to force myself to work on it and prove that it doesn’t make me nauseated.

I have been looking in to embroidery machines. I am dying to buy this one. I can’t stop thinking about all the cute monogrammed things I could make as gifts and for myself/the house. I can’t cough up enough dough at this point to actually buy one so I keep pinning things on Pinterest so I don’t forget when I finally buy my machine.

We had a wonderful unexpected visit from my mother in law, Lisa, last week. She helped us put in a vegetable garden and small flower garden in our backyard. Matt has been seeding the yard constantly in an attempt to get all the bald spots where we ripped up concrete last fall. It is starting to come together. We have had one fire in our fire pit and have enjoyed our new Adirondack chairs on the back porch. We have had one family BBQ with the new grill. Matt loves the charcoal grill. Nothing fancy just a good old fashioned round Weber Grill.

Weber Grill

We are loving Game of Thrones on HBO. It is getting so good this season. I am sad that there are only a couple episodes left. Any other GoT lovers out there?

Other than that we are just doing life. Living each day as they come. Life is good. Real good. Maybe that’s why I haven’t had time to blog about all of it. I’ve been too busy living it.


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