May Craftiness

So this is the first month that I’ve actually felt like being creative.  These are the things that I have completed in May. 

Elsa/Super Hero Cape–  Lately J has been wearing blankets and towels as capes.  She pretends to be Elsa and Anna from the movie Frozen.  It is so stinking adorable.  I thought it would be fun to make her an actual cape.  I found this pattern on Pinterest.  We then went to Jo-Ann’s and picked out fabric.  I thought that it would be nice to do one side of the cape in pink, instead of all blue.  J was adorable walking around the store holding her chosen fabric and telling people that it was for her cape.  Got her to bed that night and decided to pull out the old sewing machine.  It has been almost a year I think since I have sewn anything! 

Elsa/Super Hero Cape

Elsa/Super Hero Cape

Got it all together and showed it to her in the morning.  She threw a fit!  The cape was supposed to be ALL blue like Elsa’s.  I mistakenly thought that one side could be a super hero side and the other would be the “Elsa” side.  WRONG!  J balled the cape up and threw it back in the sewing room and was angry with me for not making it right.  I was crushed, as only a child can crush a parent.  I texted my mom later in the day and apologized for any time I was ecstatic about her making something for me. 

The "horrible" pink side

The “horrible” pink side

It took all weekend for her to start warming up to it and that was only because people were asking about it and making a big deal about it.  J has worn it a couple times at her own request but not like I  thought she would. 

Lesson learned = I need to listen to my daughter.  She is her own person and has her own opinions.  I feel guilty that I didn’t take her opinion seriously and make it the way she thought it should be made.  I inserted my own judgment in to what was supposed to be a gift for her.  Hopefully she will forgive me and the cape will be used in the future but for now it serves me as a reminder that J is her own person.   

J’s Big Girl Quilt–  This is technically not completed but I did finish piecing the top.  I picked this fabric out last summer when we were moving in to the house.  I thought it would be nice for J to have her own quilt for her big girl room.  I started working on it last summer before we moved in to the house and then I just stopped.  I don’t know if I got busy or life started happening or it was horrible morning sickness that came with this pregnancy but craftiness just stopped for about 6 months. 

Last week, while I was off, I told J one day while I was trying to get her to lay down for her nap “If you go to sleep I’ll be able to work on your quilt.”  That’s all it took.  She slept for 2 hours in her room in her big girl bed!  She woke up in an awesome mood and was excited to see how her quilt was coming along.  J was very impressed with the half that I had completed. 

First Quarter of J's Quilt

First Quarter of J’s Quilt

Over the next couple of days I was able to use the same line with J and get some work done.  I finished piecing the top on Friday night. 

J's Big Girl Quilt

J’s Big Girl Quilt

I am sooo glad that J likes this quilt.  After the cape fiasco I was a little worried that she wouldn’t like it.  I am going to hopefully complete the front border and the back of the quilt over the next two days while I’m off.   I am planning on contacting someone about quilting it for me.  I found a service in Bloomsburg and another one in Bellefonte.  I just have to make a phone calls… which seems like the last thing on my list.  LOL! 

I’ve enjoyed making this quilt so much I have decided to make one for the baby.  I have already picked out colors in my head.  I have no idea how long it will actually take me to complete but the wheels are turning. 

Festive Summer Wreath–  I am by no means especially crafty.  I love looking at all the exciting wreaths on Pinterest.  There are whole boards dedicated to the making of wreaths for doors and homes.  I bought a grape vine wreath with the best of intentions of changing the theme frequently.  Again, insert horrible morning sickness and a general disinterest in craftiness over the last 6 months and the poor thing has only been changed twice.  Initially it had a burlap bow and flowers on it for the fall after we moved in.  Then I was able to get some small twinkle lights and a blue frosty ribbon for over the winter. 

Finally, I changed the thing on Thursday.  While at Walmart with Mom I saw wired burlap ribbon that had blue and red chevrons on it.  Initially I thought I would just wrap the whole thing in it, but there wasn’t enough ribbon to do that.  I had never made a large bow before and figured I would give it a shot.  I think it turned out pretty well considering! 

Festive Summer Wreath

Festive Summer Wreath

These are the projects that I have completed.  What sort of craftiness have you been up to this month? 



One thought on “May Craftiness

  1. What about that adorable t-shirt night gown J’s wearing as she admires her big girl quilt! It’s just so cute on her. I’ve been knitting beaded i-cord bracelets and I’ve just started a shawl for Caroline’s wedding in November. I want to knit a baby blanket for your newest. Any ideas?

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