Gratitude on Thursday

This week I have a ton of gratitude.

  1. I am grateful for the people in my circle.  They get me (for the most part) and love me.  They hold mirrors up for me and allow me to grow at my own pace.  They are my tribe.  Thank God I am finding these people.  I feel like I’ve spent my who life looking for people who “get” me.  It’s comforting knowing that they are really out there.  Thanks Ladies!
  2. I’m grateful for my family.  With Easter coming up on Sunday it’s been fun planning for the day.  Easter egg hunt in the morning for the kids followed by a yummy lunch.  I’m looking forward to eating good food and making memories with the kids/family.  I’m grateful that most of my family is so close and we are able to do these things.
  3. Without sounding crazy, I’m grateful for my “HOW”.  HOW stands for Honesty, Open-mindedness and willingness.  I am so grateful that I am at least willing to listen to suggestions made to me about me and my behavior/attitudes.  I’m willing to listen for ways to improve myself.  I’m willing to try new things that are suggested to me.  People have said that I’m honest to a fault… that may be true but I’m working on it.  I’m grateful today that I’m a work in progress and I don’t have to be perfect all the time.

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