FIVE for Friday

Things I’m loving this week…hmmmm….

  1.  This eyeliner.  It is AMAZING.  Seriously.  It makes doing a cat eye so easy it’s ridicules.  I watched a video by Beauty Broadcast about it and kept my eye out for it when I was last at Walmart.    It is relatively inexpensive.  It’s much less then a designer one I had that is very similar.  I also like the fact that it has a brush tip instead up a foam tip like most liquid eyeliners have.  The formula has some pretty good staying power.  I went to an 8 hour training on Monday that was 2 hours away.  My eyeliner didn’t budge all day.  I’ve also tried it out during my LONG 12 hour night shifts at work and I leave work with my eyeliner in tact and still looking good.  Well as good as you can after 12 hours on night shift… “Two thumbs up” as my daughter would say.

Physician’s Formula Eye Booster, Ultra Black 

2.  Deadwood  Has anyone watched this series?  I am really enjoying it.  I may or may not have a crush on Timothy Olyphant.  He plays the perfect amount of bad good guy in this series.  He then when on to do Justified on FX, which as it happens is even better than Deadwood!



Timothy Olyphant as Seth Bullock

3.  Dude.  I love Dr. Pimple Popper!  Talk about a guilty pleasure.  LOL!  If you’re a popaholic like me you’re welcome.  Check out her YouTube page.  I like how her videos are done (for the most part).  I like her bedside manner.  I think she is very professional and loves her job.  Plus, who doesn’t like a good squeeze?!  I think my favorite video is a tie between Mr. Wilson and the Fireman.  I’ll try and add links.  But seriously go check her page out.  If you’re grossed out by bodily stuff DON’T check it out.


4.  Carrot Cake.  Dad’s birthday was Tuesday.  We had his party on Sunday evening.  The only thing he asked for was for me to make a carrot cake for it.  Apparently these have become my specialty.  I found this recipe on Pinterest.  I’ve made it 3 times now and each time it’s turned out amazing!  It is an incredibly dense cake.  I killed our food processor on Sunday when I was making Dad’s cake and I almost killed our hand mixer in February when I was making Gigi’s cake.  The recipe for the icing is good as well, but I find it’s too sweet.  Like make your teeth hurt it’s soo sweet.  I cut WAY back on the powdered sugar and find it’s better.  I had the kids help me decorate Dad’s cake last weekend and it turned out really cute.  I’m not sure I have any pictures of it… I’ll have to check everyone’s phones.  Seriously I’m going to go get a slice of it now that we’ve been talking about it.  LOL!


Best Carrot Cake EVER!

5.  So my last love this week is kind of weird.  I am so excited about the fact that I will not be on night shift anymore I can’t stand it.  I’ve done 8 weeks of nights and I’m over it.  I’m so ready to go back to Day shift for a couple months especially since it’ll be over the Spring and Summer.  Sunday is my last night shift and it’s can’t get here soon enough.  Buh-Bye Night Shift!!!


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