FIVE for Friday

Things I’m loving this week…hmmmm….

  1.  This eyeliner.  It is AMAZING.  Seriously.  It makes doing a cat eye so easy it’s ridicules.  I watched a video by Beauty Broadcast about it and kept my eye out for it when I was last at Walmart.    It is relatively inexpensive.  It’s much less then a designer one I had that is very similar.  I also like the fact that it has a brush tip instead up a foam tip like most liquid eyeliners have.  The formula has some pretty good staying power.  I went to an 8 hour training on Monday that was 2 hours away.  My eyeliner didn’t budge all day.  I’ve also tried it out during my LONG 12 hour night shifts at work and I leave work with my eyeliner in tact and still looking good.  Well as good as you can after 12 hours on night shift… “Two thumbs up” as my daughter would say.

Physician’s Formula Eye Booster, Ultra Black 

2.  Deadwood  Has anyone watched this series?  I am really enjoying it.  I may or may not have a crush on Timothy Olyphant.  He plays the perfect amount of bad good guy in this series.  He then when on to do Justified on FX, which as it happens is even better than Deadwood!



Timothy Olyphant as Seth Bullock

3.  Dude.  I love Dr. Pimple Popper!  Talk about a guilty pleasure.  LOL!  If you’re a popaholic like me you’re welcome.  Check out her YouTube page.  I like how her videos are done (for the most part).  I like her bedside manner.  I think she is very professional and loves her job.  Plus, who doesn’t like a good squeeze?!  I think my favorite video is a tie between Mr. Wilson and the Fireman.  I’ll try and add links.  But seriously go check her page out.  If you’re grossed out by bodily stuff DON’T check it out.


4.  Carrot Cake.  Dad’s birthday was Tuesday.  We had his party on Sunday evening.  The only thing he asked for was for me to make a carrot cake for it.  Apparently these have become my specialty.  I found this recipe on Pinterest.  I’ve made it 3 times now and each time it’s turned out amazing!  It is an incredibly dense cake.  I killed our food processor on Sunday when I was making Dad’s cake and I almost killed our hand mixer in February when I was making Gigi’s cake.  The recipe for the icing is good as well, but I find it’s too sweet.  Like make your teeth hurt it’s soo sweet.  I cut WAY back on the powdered sugar and find it’s better.  I had the kids help me decorate Dad’s cake last weekend and it turned out really cute.  I’m not sure I have any pictures of it… I’ll have to check everyone’s phones.  Seriously I’m going to go get a slice of it now that we’ve been talking about it.  LOL!


Best Carrot Cake EVER!

5.  So my last love this week is kind of weird.  I am so excited about the fact that I will not be on night shift anymore I can’t stand it.  I’ve done 8 weeks of nights and I’m over it.  I’m so ready to go back to Day shift for a couple months especially since it’ll be over the Spring and Summer.  Sunday is my last night shift and it’s can’t get here soon enough.  Buh-Bye Night Shift!!!


5 For Friday March Style

Hmmmm…. 5 things I’m loving this week….

  1. Crochet.  As always it is my go to crafty thing of late.  I am currently working on a pair of house slippers for Matt.  He was getting jealous of everyone else getting gifts or creations so he wanted something.  I found this pattern on Etsy and knew that it would work for Matt.  I shopped my stash and found some Camo and Khaki bulky yarn that is perfect for house shoes.  I’m about half way done with them… I can’t wait to see how they turn out.
  2. My new Avant Pop! Shadow Palette.  I pick up the “Nouveau Chic” palette at my local Ulta on Tuesday.  I used it today to do a neutral eye.  It turned out perfect!  I can’t wait to see what other looks I can come up with this one.
  3. My Lemon Sugar Scrub.  I have started using it again.  Between the weather change, the time change, a fail attempted at a new foundation and it being that time of the month my skin has gone nuts-o.  I’m so glad that yet again it’s been able to clear up the blemishes and polish the dry skin away.  Thank goodness!
  4. The Pompeii Street Soap Co.  I have been visiting this story a lot lately.  I bought a soap sampler for Gigi for her birthday in February to go with the cotton massaging srubbies I made her.  Then my mother in-law, Lisa, was visiting this week and asked to go.  I generally get the Kentucky Krewe soap for Christmas because it is local and can only be bought in Mifflinburg, PA.  Lisa says that this soap really helps with her Psoriasis.  I’m always glad to support a small business.
  5. My kids.  They keep me sane by making me insane.  The time change has been rough on our house but they still wake up sweet and smiling and being silly.  There have been temper tantrums over nothing but they are followed by lots of snuggles and kisses.  Hearing them say “I love you momma” will never get old.
Kids in the room

Kids in their room

Let me know what you are loving this week.  Would y’all like a review of the Avant Pop! Eye Shadow Palette?  Let me know.


Five For Friday- Flu Style

So I thought I would list my top 5 flu/sick products that I love. 

1.  Advil Cold and Sinus- I love this stuff when I have a sinus cold.  It is pretty much the only thing that works for me.  I think that the Ibuprofen works so much better than Tylenol for inflammation and the Sudafed pretty much  dries everything up. 

2.  Mint Tea- when I am really sick this is my go to drink.  It is a natural vasodilator which makes you feel warm when you have the chills.  I love this stuff with a little bit of Splenda to sweeten it up. 

3.  Sudafed-  If I can’t take Ibuprofen, for whatever reason, this works just as good to dry all that junk up. 

4.  Vitamin C Halls Cough Drops- I love these when I have a sore throat.  I feel like I am also doing something good for myself by getting an extra boost of Vitamin C with each cough drop. 

5.  Blankets-  I believe in sweating a fever out.  I remember once when I was younger, I couldn’t get warm when I had a cold.  My dad had a fire going in the fire-place and I was snuggled under a fleece blanket.  I feel asleep and I remember the wonderful feeling of my fever breaking and feeling better.  So much so that it woke me up.  It was amazing.  I look forward to that feeling when I am getting sick, knowing that the end of the cold is near. 

What are your go to flu/cold products?  I’d love some suggestions in the hopes that I can get rid of this awful cold.  Stay well my friends and have a happy weekend!

Five For Friday- First Friday of The Year

This week I am loving:

1.  Enterprise Rentals- we got a rental car in Huntington, WV last weekend and the service was amazing.  You can read about our adventures here.  Then when we got home and had to pick up our second rental on Monday, again, the service was amazing.  Today when I called to let them know that the small crack in the windshield had grown with the bad weather, they said that they were going to be bringing a new car to the office today!  How amazing is that?!  Two thumbs up for them!

2.  Lotion Bars-  Mom and I made these before the holiday.  I gave some as gifts and we kept some to use.  They small amazing!  Like Earl Grey tea, which happens to be one of my favorites.  They are so moisturizing that when I go to put my jammies on at night my legs are STILL soft!  Would y’all be interested in a How-to on those?

3.  Repeat Crafter Me– I found this blog when I was on Pinterest.  I was looking a crochet patters and fell in love with these granny squares.  I have refered back to this blog several times for her hat sizing recommendations.  They always seem to be spot on.  I am excited about trying out some of her crock pot creations too.  Kudos from one crochet/crock pot loving crafter to another! 

4.  Crochet- I have made 4 scarves, 3 hates and 2 headbands since I started a couple of weeks ago.  I have big plans for all the things I want to make.  Here’s hoping I don’t get sick of it before then.  Would y’all want a post about the things I’ve completed? 

5.  Pinterest- Nothing gets my crafting mind going like it.  Just last night I was snooping through a friends boards and I found a pair of earrings that she wanted for her wedding that I could totally make.  I let her know and it looks like I’m going to be making them.  Pinterest can be a time killer for me too though.  I get stuck looking at all the cool stuff on there.  This morning I found an idea for a sign that I want to make for J’s room and since I am at work and don’t have access (boo) I had to print the picture out, which will probably get lost (double boo). 

So there you have it.  All the things that I am digging this week.  What are y’all in to?  Leave a comment and let me know.  Have a great weekend!

5 for Friday- Quick Make Up Favorites

So I thought today I would take my 5 for Friday and tell you about my all time (for right now) favorite make up must haves.

Make up must haves

Make up must haves.                                                            Please don’t think I can’t count (there’s a bonus in there)!

1.  NYX  Push Up Bra for your eyebrows-

Best Eyebrow Pencil EVER!

Best Eyebrow Pencil EVER!

(Only one color) I love this eyebrow pencil.  I think that it makes a huge difference in your look when you use it.  I think that it finishes off your look.  I also think that in a pinch filling in your eyebrows makes you look so much more put together.

Neutral eyebrow color and a high lighter in one!

Neutral eyebrow color and a high lighter in one!

2.  Make up Forever Aqua Cream eyeshadow- (I have “16” and can’t wait to get some more)

Make Up Forever- Aqua Cream

Make Up Forever- Aqua Cream

I love how quick and easy this stuff is.  It has a good color pay off and staying power.  I have a pink one and it is great for days when I want a little sparkle with not too much effort.  I also love the fact that I can use my finger to apply it quickly and I don’t have to worry about blending it all that much.



3.  L’Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Mascara-

All time FAVORITE mascara!

All time FAVORITE mascara!

This stuff is my ALL time favorite mascara EVER.  I have found that you have to use it a couple of times before it thickens up enough to be awesome.  I love how it separates my lashes and also thickens them up.  I find that it is a little Lengthening too.  AMAZING stuff!  My best friend found that they make this stuff in waterproof so the best just got even better!

4.  Clinique Quickliner for eye intense-

Quickliner- GREAT stuff!

Quickliner- GREAT stuff!

(I have “03 Intense Chocolate”) I started using this stuff over the summer and I love how fine the tip is.  I am able to add a little eyeliner right along my lash line without any effort.  I use it in dark brown which is great for days when I want to get together quickly without a lot of effort or drama.  I also love the staying power… I literally had to scrub my hand with a baby wipe to get my swatch off!

Swatch- Intense Chocolate

Swatch- Intense Chocolate

5.  Covergirl Clean Glow blush-



(I have “100 Roses”) I just recently started using this stuff and I love how natural the blush looks on me.  I can use whatever I have left over on my brush the next day (if I’m rushing, which NEVER happens.  LOL!) and it delivers a nice light flush for the day.


6.  Clinque Almost Lipstick-

Almost lipstick

Almost lipstick

(I have “Black Honey”)  I love that this “lipstick” color looks great on EVERYONE!  It gives a light wash of color that can be built up.  It also isn’t thick enough to look dramatic.  This is my go to “running out the door and need some color on my lips” product.

Black Honey

Black Honey

Would y’all be interested in my quick make up routine?  I think its great for moms, student, teens,  or anyone who NEVER has enough time but wants to look put together.  Let me know what you think.  I’m now running late to go see my best friend!  Looks like I’ll be using all these products today!  Have a great weekend!  Happy Friday the 13th!

**All these products are mine.  I bought them with my hard earned money and no one can buy my opinion.**

Five for Friday

Five things that I am loving this week…
1. I found this Pin from Pinterest on Pinterest this week. So of course I had to have my mom teach me to crochet. I finished my first scarf on Tuesday and it was a WRECK! Thankfully mom could finish it. I am on to the second one now for a friend at work. Hopefully this one turns out better then mine. I’ll post pictures and maybe a DIY/Tutorial about how it’s made… not that I have any idea what I’m doing….
2. Pull Ups- Easy Up. I have finally had enough of changing diapers and I know for a fact that J can hold her stream so the jig is up. J is finally potty training. I am only using the the Easy Ups for when she is napping or sleeping at night.
3. Netflix. I love having cartoons and movies/TV shows on demand. I have two new (to me) movies to watch this weekend and I can’t wait. Not to mention that having cartoons on demand has been a lifesaver with J.
4. Hummus and Kalamata Olives I got a hankering for them earlier this week and I have been noshing away on them. Sometimes you just need some craving food.
5. Where the Wild Things Are. I brought this book home from mom and dad’s this week. J has insisted that we read it every night before bed. I love sharing pieces of my childhood with J. I loved this book when I was a kid. I wasn’t so wild about the movie, which agains proves to me that the movie is NEVER as good as the book.

What are you loving this week? Do tell! Any fun crafts that you are working on? Any books you love to read and share with your children?

Five for Friday

5 things I’m loving this week…

  1. My Lemon and Sugar Scrub-  I posted a recipe this week and have loved hearing all the responses about it.  Check it out here.
  2. Vaseline Rosy Lips- This stuff is seriously keeping my lips from drying up and falling off.  I think I should do a review about it.  Look for it in the near future.

    Vaseline Rosy Lips

    Vaseline Rosy Lips

  3. The Walking Dead–  I finally caught up on last weeks episode and I can’t wait for the mid-season finale on Sunday!  I think the Governor is such a great bad guy.  I love to hate him.
  4. Thanksgiving-  I had a wonderful day stuffing my face with them.  I wish there was more time in the day/week that we could spend more time together.  It just never seems like enough with everyone’s busy schedules.
  5. Cuddl Duds– These are my favorite base layer in the winter.  I would seriously walk around in them all the time if it was appropriate.  They are a nice thin layer that keep you AMAZINGLY warm without being itchy.  I had to break them out this week because it is finally getting cold enough that a sweatshirt just isn’t cutting under my scrubs at work.

What are your favorite things this week?

Don’t worry if I get a sponsored post you will know it…